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Attention to Detail Executive Services offers high dusting to keep your facility looking new and your customer and employees safe from hazardous air pollutants.  Dust and grime build up over time, not only making your facility look dingy and dirty, but also collecting allergens and pollutants.

Our technicians are trained to remove the dust from all of those hard-to-reach areas such as air conditioning ducts; light fixtures; ceiling fans; sprinkler systems and pipes.  We can cover any area, large or small.  This work is usually done after hours so it does not interfere with your daily operations.

Our technicians utilize lifts that easily reach areas that are higher than 12 feet.  With Attention to Detail’s high-dusting cleaning services you don’t have to worry about suspended dust particles getting picked up by your ventilation system.  This service is extremely paramount to help minimize the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions, and promote healthier and cleaner indoor air quality.

Once the high-level dust has been cleaned, we can provide you with a regular maintenance schedule so that you can cross that task off of your checklist and breathe easier.