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Post-Construction Cleaning

We specialize in providing efficient, expert post-construction cleaning services for building contractors, owners and managers.

Many people don’t realize that construction cleanup is more labor intensive and requires a greater level of detail than routine executive commercial cleaning services.  It is painstaking work and requires a specially-trained crew to execute the job diligently and properly.

Our technicians don’t just clean the visible dust, dirt, and debris, but specifically focus on getting into the tiniest spaces and hidden crevices where dust collects, and performs detailed cleaning to remove every last trace.  We pay careful attention to the spaces between the furniture and the wall; ledges; window sills; baseboards; walls; the interior of cabinets; glass panels and surfaces; air vents; ceiling fans; picture frames; commodes; stall partitions; stainless steel; the buffing, waxing and polishing floors, and the removal of all debris. Our experts ensure that your property is safe from all hazardous debris and dust, and pristine from floor to ceiling, with meticulous attention to detail leaving it turn-key ready.

Our post-construction cleaning services are customized to the specific needs of our clients and their space.  We take our time in ensuring that your space is impeccable and ready for occupancy.  We understand the importance of a great first impression and work methodically and tirelessly to provide quality services sure to exceed your expectations.

Contact us now to discuss the specifics of your scope of work and allow us to do what we do best…providing you with the finishing touch to your property.